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For the Love of Football

Closeup of American Football on Field

We are already two weeks into another fantastic Football Season. The fans are geared upped in their favorite teams apparel, the beer is flowing and the food can’t seem to come out quick enough. It can be a wonderful time of year and a profitable time, for those of us who have multiple big screen TV’s to showcase games on but, for those who may only have one screen or perhaps none at all what are you to do to gain those loyal fans business? You know even the loyalist customer who is a diehard fan will not miss their team play a game and chances are not willing/unable to show their game your missing our on their business. But are you?

Most of us, especially those who have worked in the chaotic restaurants know the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” This saying is absolutely the truth, even if you are unable to show your guests their favorite games there is always something you can do to keep your customers happy and loyal.

We have identified three ideas for you to try this football season. We know that if you give either a shot it will help you build sales and keep your customers happy as Bill Belichick.

First, send out a friendly email your customers informing them that large catering orders are welcomed on game day. You can specify when the orders need to be in by so that your chef is able to properly execute and can limit the menu to certain items if need be. You can also throw in the incentive to order from you for game day by deserving the order directly to the guests. We know that this can get costly so this incentive may only be applicable to orders with a minimum purchase i.e. $300, $400 per order. Catering orders will help grow sales and make your customers feel valued!

Second, if your bar space is limited on game day try opening the main dining room/ patio areas and renting TV’s. If moe customers watching the game will equal to more revenue it is your job to have as many people, with being safe of course, come in your venue and enjoy their game! Lastly, depending on the type of venue you have, rent out your private dining rooms. From experience we know that Sunday’s can be a slower time for private dining and if you are able to lower minimums to make them more appealing your profits on what would have been empty rooms are sure to double!

We hope this season is a great one for you and no matter what team you route for, we know the best team will always win!

2016-09-22 00:00:00
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