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No Food Truck? What About a Kiosk?

Making an impression on people is becoming more and more difficult these days.  They have already been exposed to the bigger better deal a thousand times over.  One of the ways to stand out, however, is to create your own cobranding kiosk in a completely unlikely place.

Cobranding efforts have worked for years for different places.  Right now, for instance, the Taco Bell locations serve Cinnabon products.  There is also the partnership between Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts.  But, putting those aside and taking into account the trend of pop-up restaurants and soda stands, a kiosk might be the best option.

Sometimes food trucks just doesn’t cut it.  After all, you can’t fit your food truck inside a building unless you’re selling the truck (do they still do those crazy ‘touch this car’ contests?).  The 10 food kiosk might be the thing.  Officially, it’s called the Vollrath 75675W 10’ V-Class Custom Merchandising Cart With Wood Composite Material, but we just call it a little slice of the heaven that is your restaurant.

Where can you put one of these mobile carts?

  • At the mall
  • In the theater
  • At a convention
  • At small Carnivals
  • High school football games

Basically, any place where you can think of having a presence, you can put this 10 foot cart. Renaissance faires?  Who knows?  You’ve just got to ask. It’s an extension of you and your brand, so you can get it wrapped like a vehicle and go on the road.

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