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Food Safety Tips for Caterers

Caterers prepare food off-site and bring it to the venue. Cleanliness and proper food standards are of the utmost importance. A caterer’s reputation is on the line even moreso than at a brick and mortar restaurant, since there are many more opportunities for bacterial infection during transport.  Here are some tips for caterers to be consistent with food safety standards.

Wash your hands often

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to keep the germs away.  By using an antibacterial soap, germs on the hand don’t automatically travel over to the food that is being prepared.  Usually, standard sinks can be found in the restrooms of the event.

Keep the ice separate

The ice that goes into the drinks should not be the same ice that is used to chill the drinks in the first place.  The ice should be kept separate, with separate scoops, as germs and other bacteria can introduce itself through the partygoers’ hands.

Cook it to the right temperature

Just because it’s a catered event does not mean that there should be any skimping in cooking the food to the required temperature.  If you’re reheating from being offsite, make sure that the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use those Insulated Food Carriers

Keep the hot foods hot and the cold foods cold by transporting the food in insulated carriers.  If you’re lucky enough to have a truck with appropriate tie-downs, there are also food and beverage carts which will keep your food hot and cold as necessary.

Have dishwashing available

Keeping foodstuff on the plates and then carrying it back to the kitchen with you is not only unsanitary, but it provides a haven for contamination and bacteria to make their way into your vehicle.  Arrange for dishwashing facilities so that you can wash your dishes at the event.

Making sure that there are proper food transportation and safety measures in place will help your catering business rise to the top.

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