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Food Banks Turn Digital

Nobody is immune from the gradual push to the digital age. The time has already come where there are some people who don’t talk with a human being throughout the day. Instead, their time is spent in front of screens. There is at least one nonprofit group which is taking advantage of this shift to make it more convenient for their clients.

The Mitzvah Food Project allows customers to order their food online through a digital ordering system. There are other groups out there who have adopted running food trucks, picking up food which is cosmetically deficient, but still great.

These two endeavors have entered the digital age, and their patrons are eating it up. Having the control and eating more healthy are two of the things high on the priority list for people all over the US.

“It’s very helpful, especially in the middle of the week,” Lefebvre says. “Things are tight and it’s nice to not always have to cook… so it’s a break for me and everybody gets a healthy meal.” This is part of a free food program in Vermont.

Having this food available helps out everyone. There are so many out there (about 1 in 6) who are dealing with food insecurity. Being a restaurant owner, you’ve most likely faced the fact that there are individuals out there who need the food but don’t necessarily have the money. What are you doing in your neighborhood?

2015-08-13 00:00:00
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