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Fineline - Innovations in Disposable Catering Products


Fineline has become synonymous with innovative solutions in the disposable catering and serving products industry. Offering a wide range of high-quality items that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality, Fineline is at the forefront of catering trends, continually introducing new designs that meet the evolving needs of professional caterers and event planners.

  • Biodegradable Product Options
  • Enhanced Durability in Cutlery
  • Expanded Color Range
  • Customizable Products
  • Improved Packaging Solutions
  • Smart Serving Accessories

Biodegradable Product Options

In response to increasing environmental awareness, Fineline has introduced a line of biodegradable products. These items are designed to decompose in a short period after use, significantly reducing waste and the environmental footprint of events. The technical aspect involves the use of PLA (polylactic acid), a cornstarch-based material that offers a viable alternative to traditional plastics.

  • Introduction of PLA materials
  • Compliance with international compostability standards

Enhanced Durability in Cutlery

Fineline has re-engineered its cutlery line to offer enhanced durability, addressing common complaints about disposable cutlery. Using a new blend of plastic resins, the cutlery is now able to withstand higher pressures and temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of foods without bending or breaking.

  • Use of new plastic resin blends
  • Testing under varied food service conditions

Expanded Color Range

Understanding the importance of aesthetics at events, Fineline has expanded its color range to include vibrant and unique options that cater to thematic event planning. This allows caterers and planners to match their food service items with the event's color scheme, enhancing the overall decor and guest experience.

  • Introduction of new color options
  • Color matching capabilities

Customizable Products

Fineline now offers customizable options for a majority of their product range. Caterers can have logos, event dates, or specific designs printed directly on plates, cups, and napkins, allowing for a personalized touch that can enhance brand visibility and memorability of events.

  • Custom printing options
  • Use of food-safe inks

Improved Packaging Solutions

Packaging innovations have been introduced to ensure that products arrive in perfect condition. Reinforced packaging reduces the risk of damage during transport, and the use of resealable packages allows for better storage and handling.

  • Reinforced transport packaging
  • Resealable packaging designs

Smart Serving Accessories

Fineline has developed a range of smart serving accessories designed to simplify the setup and service of food at events. These include modular serving trays, interlocking cups, and plates with built-in utensil holders, all aimed at enhancing the functionality and efficiency of catering operations.

  • Modular serving accessories
  • Interlocking design features

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