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Film Festival Promises Food in Santa Barbara

One of the ways that you can bring people to your restaurant and keep the commercial toasters toasting is to partner with other entertainment venues around your local area. They are doing just that at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and hotels are teaming up during the Festival to make appropriately film inspired dishes.

Theaters and restaurants have long since been partners when it comes to sweetheart deals. How many times have you seen the ads before the movies which say ‘bring in your ticket stub for a discount’ or something similar? This idea can be taken one step further by offering pop up restaurants within the theater.

Can you see it? Something a little more upscale as a special event in the theater? That would go along well with the comfortable seats and the experience that they try to offer. Bring in the heated cabinets and go to town. Or, if you’re feeling a bit experimental, see what else can be put under the heating lamps.

Maybe have your commercial toasters make up some bagels and lox for a breakfast themed film festival? How about wine, cheese, and popcorn? We can definitely see a white zinfandel going along with a little dessert popcorn. It is definitely the season for trying out new things.

What has your restaurant done with the locals?

2016-02-09 00:00:00
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