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Fighting Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is seen more as a symptom rather than an underlying cause associated with poverty and access. Solving the issue for millions of Americans isn’t a simple matter of installing a Moffat convection oven in every household and teaching them how to cook. The implications of food insecurity have to be looked at from a wider point of view.

It’s turning out to be a perfect storm of poverty and need in some areas. Take Nodaway County in Missouri, for example. Missouri itself is the sixth worst state for food insecurity, and Nodaway is in the top 10 worst counties for food insecurity. Access to food is declining with a loss of jobs and other factors.

Since there are many people living in the rural areas, there’s also the factor that these people need to have reliable transportation to get to the food itself. Going to the grocery store becomes an all day affair rather than having a place sitting next door or just down the road.

Fortunately, there are people who have set up non-profit organizations to help with the food insecurity in Nodaway county. People are helping other people get food to the children through food banks and other programs. It’s looking up, but the food insecurity problems still exist.

What are your solutions for slowing down the food insecurity in your area? We’d love to find out.

2016-01-19 00:00:00
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