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Farm to Table Dinners

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With July coming to an end, the areas farmers gardens are starting to produce locally fresh products. We all know how unbelievably satisfying it is to pick your own blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchinis but, an even more enjoyable trend are the farm to table events. These events are bringing together communities through agri-tourism, local food and local chefs. Industry experts are bringing in the freshest ingredients to local restaurant’s kitchen and creating unique experiences that can be seen as one of a kind.

The farm-to-table trend is blowing up right now. This trend is able to draw in new clientele based on featured dishes and rebranding. Because, this trend is rapidly catching the eyes of consumers, it helps the aiding in food production of local food, in turn, boosting the local economy. Some of the most common practices that have developed from this trend are organic farming, sustainable agriculture and community support; all of which assist in nourishing the local towns and cities. This helps guarantees, that the food is fresh and healthy, promoting eating clean.

Farm to table dinners are traditionally events including ideas such as Harvest Dinners, Pig Roasts, Seasonal Strawberry Festivals, Corn Shucking, Oyster Festivals, Local Beer Festivals and Dinners showcasing locally sourced food and musical talent. Not only do these events appeal to those with dietary restrictions, dieters and health conscious consumers alike: it also draws in crowds who feel as if they are elite to be eating the freshest and most local cuisine, due the chic connotation that is currently associated with the farm-to–table movement.

The movement has become highly innovating with chef’s menu planning and allows local restaurants to build viable relationships with their local farms and vendors! These relationships cultivate a sense of belonging in the community and when done correctly all parties involved are able to cross promote and market themselves as being community team players. The goodwill built during these events is wonderful and free publicity that may not have been established should the event not have taken place.

So the next time you consider hosting a farm to table via your restaurant, stop considering and go! Not only will you help local business but, you will be assisting your local economy and the general welfare of the community by decreasing the amount of fuel used to move the food, which helps with environmental sustainability.

The benefits of these farm-to-table events are truly amazing and showcase the best of the best in a local community. As the community participation rates grow farmers and restaurateurs can rest easy knowing that they are helping to shape the face of food and agriculture policies within their area. This movement betters everyone involved and hopefully the trend will not go anywhere anytime soon.

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