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Ever Used a Tilting Skillet?

Have you ever heard of a tilting skillet? First, picture a regular skillet. A skillet is a very useful piece of equipment in the kitchen. You can scramble eggs, sautee vegetables, and braise meats. If you take a skillet and smash it together with a stock pot and a steamer, then give it a tilt, you’ve got a tilting skillet.

Why is a tilting skillet useful? It lets you do the same things a skillet does, but at a much higher volume. Need to cook scrambled eggs for the entire school in one go? Use a tilting skillet. Need to braise a huge chunk of meat without tying up your oven? Tilting skillet. But why tilt the skillet? On the front of a tilting skillet is a place where a serving container can rest. Just scoop out what you need, hand off the tray, and put on a fresh one for the next run.

Many cooks use these solely as a braising instrument. Braising makes tough meats tender, but it requires long cooking in liquid. Many tilting skillets have a braising top that can fold over the bin to trap liquid. The tilting feature makes it easy to slide that huge roast out and into a pan without fear of dropping it.

Don’t tie up your main stove if you don’t have to. Check out our selection of tilting skillets today.

2015-04-30 00:00:00
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