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The Empura Microwave Oven

It was a wonderful day when we discovered that you could actually cook popcorn in a commercial microwave oven. Maybe it’s not the most conventional of things, but salt and vinegar popcorn makes great bar food. Just sayin’.

We’ve talked a few times about the Empura Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven, but there’s always time to talk about microwaves and how well they can do in the kitchen.

This one, at nearly a cubic foot on the inside, is one of the larger ovens for the space that it takes up. The door is transparent so that you can see the goodies that are cooking inside. Microwaves, when used right, can really make the difference between making a ticket and watching it fizzle out.

A cool feature of the Empura Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave is that it has up to 10 programmable memory settings for customization. So, if you have something that you cook the same way over and over, you can just press a button and have it go to town. It’s not like working an oven where you have to worry about taking it off of the heat.

It's also very easy to clean this microwave. This will help your servers who need to get a little more time on a meal for a patron to be happy. Great microwaves mean excellent customer service, right?

2016-03-01 00:00:00
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