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Empura Hand Sinks Keep your Workers Clean

One of the biggest things that health inspectors are looking for when they are looking over a restaurant is its cleanliness. That cleanliness can be found by the number of sinks, the presence of gloves and sanitization materials, or even drip prevention from raw foods. It all ties into the overall cleanliness of the restaurant.

In those inspection reports, the people who travel from restaurant to restaurant make sure that all of the sinks are working, that there is both hot and cold water available at some of them, and that there is also hand soap and a way to dry. The Empura EM-7PS-12 wall mounted hand sink was designed so that restaurants are able to take care of their hand washing needs.

On this hand sink, the whole assembly is an entire unit. There are no moving parts (that don’t need to be moving) because the whole unit is one single unit rather than a bunch of haphazardly put together pieces. The parts themselves were welded and sanded so that it looks even more professional.

The drainboards allow for positive draining on this sink, making for a more reliable and enjoyable hand washing experience. Getting the right restaurant supplies in your place goes beyond just pots and pans. It goes to fixtures, as well.

2015-07-25 00:00:00
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