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Empura Gas Range a Sight to See

There is a Chinese restaurant with an open kitchen in our area. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience an open kitchen, think about Hell’s Kitchen – basically, it’s a lot of chefs under glass.

This place is arranged much like a fishbowl. People can walk by the kitchen and see the chefs and their woks, pots, and more just going to town. One of the things which we love to watch is the gentleman who operates the Empura Gas Range.

Worker handles Empura Gas Range Like a Boss

There are cooks, there are chefs, and there are artisans. The person who was running this Empura gas range was an artisan. He had all six of the burners working for probably six different dishes, and yet he still had time to do so many things which were off the stove.

This guy was so much the professional. He was flipping each of the individual temperature dials like he was playing a musical instrument. Occasionally, he would open the oven door and check on whatever wonders he had inside – we’re assuming that he was looking in on the roast duck that was on the menu.

He’d even pull out his rag and wipe things down while he was making the music happen. We were distracted so much while watching this gentleman cook, we didn’t even notice when the food arrived at our table.

While we can’t guarantee that having an Empura Gas range in the kitchen will make chefs better, we do know that having the best tools in the business elevates the food that is being served. Do you work your Empura gas range like an artist?

2016-03-02 00:00:00
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