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Empowering Your Staff

It seems too often that the best new restaurant in town is slowing down or even worse closing their doors. Many times we automatically think the decline is attributed to the opening of the new restaurant down the street, or perhaps our clients tastes have changed. We find ourselves blaming others for our lose and become unable to criticize of ourselves find the true reason our venue failed.

One of the most important if not the most important aspects in our business, that we all to often forget is our internal customers. Those that make our restaurant thrive and succeed in all areas; our cooks, our hosts, our servers, bus boys, bartenders and bar backs. The individuals that are not only there for long hours but, are our biggest fans when kept engaged, trained and empowered. It is astonishing what a well trained team can do, especially when you set clear service goals, steps of service, and performance expectations is integral in the teaching process of instilling a consistent philosophy of service. Teach service every single day, lead and inspire your staff to focus on and improve performance issues on a daily basis.

Stay true to hospitality, and remember to pay attention to daily coaching sessions with particular areas of service you want to see improvement on. Also important to remember is that constant training in imperative, especially when taking into consideration that it takes 21 days to create and build habits, and it takes 21 days to slip back into an old one.

With this constant training your employees with know what is expected of them and have what they need to do their jobs and do them well. They want to feel comfort in knowing their managers have their backs, and will be willing to assist with any aspect of growing their own business. A positive culture in hospitality will thrive when and where the staff feels appreciated and supported.

Your staff wants to feel important and they want to know they are appreciated. Sometimes the simple pat on the back isn't enough, Generosity goes a very long way with servers and staff member and will make your employees feel committed and compelled to do the best job they can! A simple gift card to a near by restaurant or wine tasting (that can be used as training, or a cooking class with your executive chef can truly make your team bond and feel a special connection.

Encourage your staff to be service professionals! Have them enjoy going above and beyond for your clients and always give them tools they need to make a difference with your guests. If you are able to build an organization that not only builds trust but, respect with your employees you will have a very rare opportunity to create an extraordinary experience for guest and employees alike.

So at your next pre-shift, empower your staff! Inspire them and build a community around impeccable service and make sure they are given the correct tools, are trained properly and amongst all over are a true asset to your establishment.

2016-08-25 00:00:00
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