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Embrace the Sour

We’ve been eating sour pickles for a long time. There are even people within our circle of friends who drink kombucha, so this is very nice news to know. We’re shifting our attitudes toward sour foods, says Stephanie Mattucci, global food science analyst for Mintel, Chicago.

This trend is apparently driven by the consistent barrage of news telling consumers that the amount of sugar that they eat and drink is dangerous. It’s more than the added weight that people receive from the sugar… it’s more about the overall impression of that sugar.

So, where do consumers go when they’re trying to stay off of the sweet train? They head over to pickles, kombucha, and crazy flavors that might happen within the tea. People are seeing the trend, so more brands and more options for the drink are coming to market.

Some of the bartenders are taking to making shrub cocktails, and some are making tailored drinking vinegar. People are eating more kimchi and really enjoying it. That’s pretty good, though, as we’re constantly barraged with the studies that claim the miraculous properties of the drinks.

The Millennials are seeing this as more of an alternative to sweet as well as a genuinely authentic experience. What do you think? Are you going to grab some huge bottles and set up your homemade kombucha in your commercial kitchen today?

2015-07-18 00:00:00
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