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Elevating your Patio

As soon as the weather turns warmer, people flock to your patio in search of enjoying the warm summer sun with some great food. Patios allow more people to enjoy your restaurant and in many cases have been known to increase profits. Here are some tips to maximize your outdoor space!

Offer Live Music Outside 

Live bands are a great way to draw people to your restaurant and outdoor patios offer the ample space to do that. Creating a timeline ahead of the summer season is always a bonus and gives you sufficient time for marketing efforts and to book live music in advance. 

Outdoor Bar

Obviously, you can shuttle drinks in and out of the restaurant to your customers on the patio, but having an additional bar outside can be a big plus. An outside bar allows for customers to easily order drinks for themselves and help your employees cut down on the time it takes for them to get the drink to the customer. 

New Seasonal Menu

A seasonal menu gives variety to the food you’re offering at your restaurant and draws people in who want to experience new plates. You can highlight local produce on the menu that customers have seen at local farmers markets. You can also customize the menu to include summer favorites and ditch the hot soups that wouldn’t be enjoyable on the heat of a patio.

Outdoor patios not only add more space to seat your customers, but they also come with the ability to customize menu options, host summer events at your restaurant, and potentially increase your profits.

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