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Dry January Hacks

Many people participate in Dry January – it’s the time of year where people aspire to be healthy and we love it! Instead of dreading this time of year for fear of losing profits, take advantage! This is your time to shine and show your customers that you can create mocktails and virgin drinks that are just as delicious as their alcoholic counterparts. Here are some tips on just how to embrace Dry January and drive traffic despite the alcohol respite:

1. Mocktail Menu

Mocktails are known to be pricier items – and people will pay that extra dollar for something that tastes exactly like their favorite cocktails. A mocktail menu is also a great option for a customer that isn’t water or soda.

2. Triva Nights

Trivia nights drive traffic to your restaurant! People love a good trivia night out with their friends and if you have the resources to do this, you should! Do trivia night once a week and you might even see more people gravitating towards your mocktail menu.

3. Promote a “Sober Night”

If you really want to target those that have committed to Dry January, you should go all out and host a night specifically for them. You can host the event on a night that is typically slower for your restaurant if you’re worried about turning away alcohol sales on a historically busy night.

Make sure you’re stocking up on those beer brands that have also taken advantage of the trend of creating beers with no alcohol in them, including Heineken and Michelob Ultra. Options are key! 

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