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Dredge your Pasta with a Cheese Shaker

Continuing our week in condiments, today we’re looking at another kind of shaker. Every pizza parlor and Italian restaurant has some of these somewhere. A little container filled with parmesan and another filled with red pepper flakes sit on tables ready to spice up bowls of pasta and slices of pizza. You can call them cheese shakers. You can call them dredger shakers. Restaurant owners call them essential.

What makes these different from a normal shaker? Hole size. The hole sizes in a dredger shaker are much larger than a salt and pepper shaker. Parmesan cheese pieces are larger than pepper grindings and they also like to clump. Red pepper flakes are the same way. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of lid types so you can control just how much comes out per shake.  There are also replacement lids if your customers have a tendency to break the lids while trying to get more cheese out of the shaker.

Spice shakers also use this type of shaker. If you’ve ever been to a Subway and asked for oregano on your sandwich, the sandwich artisan will pull out a dredger to shake on the magic. If you need something to shake on cheese, red pepper, or other large spices, check out our dredger selection.

2015-05-07 00:00:00
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