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Don't Let Fish Mingle! Get a Fish Refrigerator

Do you run a seafood restaurant? Then you know what can happen when the flavors of fish mingle. It’s not very good. Have you ever wondered if there’s a fridge that can hold your crushed ice and fish in an efficient and sanitary manner?  The Continental Refrigerator Fish File Refrigerator can do that for you.

The fish file refrigerator has a number of compartments (depending on the model that you purchase) which holds fish between 38-40 degrees. These compartments are specially made for holding your fish on crushed ice. It’s much like a set of drawers for blueprints, except you’re holding fish instead. These compartments do more than just keep fish cold. They also keep different types of fish away from each other so that the flavors do not mix. This is very important for restaurants that use a lot of seafood, like a sushi restaurant, which would otherwise have a walk-in freezer with all sorts of seafood mingling.

So, if you’re stuck wondering about a solution that can keep your fish chilled and not leave you high and dry, consider having a fish file refrigerator in your kitchen.  You'll have better-tasting and healthier fish, and your kitchen staff will love the new tool.

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2015-03-24 00:00:00
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