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Do you Use a Food Delivery Service?

The longer that your Moffat convection oven runs, the more money that it brings into the restaurant. Have you considered offering delivery for your delicious food? There are a few restaurant delivery services out there which will be more than happy to take over those services for you.

UberEats and AmazonPrime are offering food delivery for their customers, but at a prime price. They are asking for 30% of the check to deliver the food to hungry patrons. The charges passed on to the customer are usually $5. So, they’re in a dilemma. Do restaurants raise the price to account for the delivery services or do they eat the cost?

The biggest issue here is convenience. To keep those Moffat convection ovens running, there needs to be people demanding that it happens. Are lunchgoers willing to pay the additional price to have the convenience of food delivered to their door? Is this something which should only be offered to a few, or should it be opened up to the crowd?

That is what the UberEats and Amazon Prime folks are wrestling with right now. While it can be done, will the move to delivery services be cost effective, or should someone else take their place?

2016-02-13 00:00:00
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