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Do You Replace Silverware Between Courses?

Do You Replace Silverware Between Courses?
Do You Replace Silverware Between Courses?

Hardly anyone thinks about the flatware while they’re eating at the table, but it can be a source of much consternation for some. There are some restaurants out there who refuse to change their flatware between courses. In very fine dining places, this just won't do!

While it might mean the additional use of a commercial dishwasher, the practice of putting out new silverware for each course should be honored. That way, the flavors from the first course don’t spread over into the additional courses, or contamination from the table doesn't transmit to the fork.

There are places out there who force their patrons to eat with the same silverware over all of the courses. If they’re determined to do that, they should also provide a fork rest to make sure that each diner has a place to put the restaurant flatware while they’re not using it. Restaurants should be attentive to the guests, and while not replacing the flatware between each course is not a major infraction, it is definitely unsanitary.

What do you do with your restaurant flatware when you’re not eating with it? Do you put it on the table? Do you think that you should be offered freshly washed silverware in between courses? Is a napkin or a fork rest sufficient? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

7 years ago
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