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Do You Know These Facts About Five Guys?

When we first went to Five Guys several years ago, we fell in love with the fact that they were handmade burgers and the potatoes for the fries were made in house. We enjoyed the slightly nostalgic vibe of seeing the notice that the potatoes were from a specific farm, a specific place in the US, and they weren’t dropping ‘generifries’ into their deep fryers.

There were a few things that we didn’t know about Five Guys:

  • It’s a nearly 30 year old company. Five Guys has been around since 1986.
  • There are no freezers at the Five Guys locations. They do, however, have plenty of refrigerators to make sure that the meat is freash.
  • Only peanut oil is used. That makes it bad for those who are allergic to it, but the peanut oil does add a distinctive taste to the mix.

The other great thing about the Five Guys franchise setup is that they’re expanding in the UK. They’re going to be seen more in Leicester. There are around 35 restaurants already in the area.

What strikes us more about this franchise is that nothing about the food seems generic. You’re not getting a run of the mill burger and fries when you order from them. You’re getting a hand made real hamburger with a veritable bucket of fries.

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