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Ditch the Noisy Hotel Ice Machine

The worst room you can get in the entire hotel is the one next to the hotel ice machine. Older units are loud, go off at all hours, and can even smell a little bad if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. The biggest complaint is the noise they make cooling and dispensing cubes.

Modern units are much smaller and can fit in more places than older units. Take the Manitowoc SPA-160 as an example. This unit has a tiny 22” width, smaller than many soda machines, while still holding 120 pounds of ice. Its small size allows it to fit wherever you can find a drain line. It also looks sharp with its stainless steel exterior.

Cleaning this unit is a breeze too. You might not even have to pull it out depending on the model. Just open the unit, perform the cleaning procedure, and everything is good to go again for the next guest’s bucket.

These simple machines are a vital part of any hotel’s operation. Guests need ice for many things, from keeping drinks cool to making an ice pack if they get hurt on the site. Don’t stick with an old and loud machine if you don’t have to. Pick up a smaller, quieter, and more attractive machine today.

2015-04-15 00:00:00
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