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Discount and Promo Ideas

Looking for an easy way to gain new customers? Try offering creative and new promotions. Restaurant specials will not only excite your regular customers, it will attract new business too!

Here's 3 tactics to get you started!

Limited-Time Offers

A limited-time offer gives you a chance to experiment with your menu without having to commit to a time longer than you’re comfortable with. According to a Technomic study, 43% of consumers report that it’s “important or extremely important” to them that restaurants frequently offer new or seasonal items on their menus. The study also reported that 26% of the respondents would pay slightly more for those limited-time, specialty offerings.

Seasonal Specials

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or better known as PSL have taken over the fall season.  As soon as the first end-of-summer chill creeps in, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds: the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Launched in 2003, the premium, seasonal, while-supplies-last drink has had a cult following ever since. Over 200 million PSLs sold in the drink's first decade! While Starbucks stays tight-lipped about sales of specific drinks, Forbes estimated that Starbucks stood to make about $100 million in revenue from Pumpkin Spice Latte sales during the 2015 fall season. Listen to the latte - try something new or seasonal and watch customer interest. Try getting extra creative a put a spin on the common seasonsal specials. Offer something no one else has!

Support A Good Cause

Customers respond well to charity, try using one to generate postivity and social good in your restaurant's community. In 2016, Subway restaurants throughout Canada donated the equivalent of 303,030 meals to Food Banks Canada during their National Sandwhich Day offer. It was successful because it was easy, and lasted for only one day. When customers purchased a sandwich or drink, Subway donated the equivalent of that purchase in cash to charity. They not only generated sales, they generated goodwill. 

The Chef's Special

Having a menu or just one menu item that is exclusively a chef's special will entice customers and make them feel like they're receiving a special treatment. It not only shows your customers your versatility as a restaurant, it allows your staff to express his or her creativity. Chef's Table in Brooklyn does not have a menu - instead there are rotational selections chosen by the chef each morning. 

Granted, the idea for a restaurant special is not for everyone. However, becoming known for your rotational, exciting, and - yes - seasonal menu specials keeps guests excited for what's coming next. This idea can work for any restaurant; have your trusted kitchen leader whip up a new pizza, dessert, or Italian-inspired dinner plate your customers will never forget. 

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