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We talked a little bit earlier about how your Robot Coupe food processor could really make a business thrive. There are so many things that can be done with it. We love getting bar food from time to time, and when you’re watching a game, there’s nothing better than chips and dips. There are tons of dips which can be made in the Robot Coupe food processor.

Yahoo Health points out that roasted red peppers makes an excellent foundation for dip. Take those, some breadcrumbs and some walnuts, blend it together with some pomegranate molasses, and you’ve got a dip that practically melts on your tongue.

Going back to basics, there’s always the spinach artichoke dip. We love tasting that style of dip with pita points or bruschetta. This recipe from RealSimple brings in spinach, artichokes, and some whipped cream cheese to really take it home.

If you’re still feeling it with the spinach, there’s a recipe from Damn Delicious that really takes it home. Spinach, Bacon, a little burst or two from the commercial food processor, and you’re good to go. You can get a little dippy if you want.

What better way to use your Robot Coupe food processor than to take it for a spin on dips? Changing the menu at your restaurant can sometimes give it that boost that it needs.

2016-02-24 00:00:00
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