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Designing for the Ages


When designing your website, there are some things you should definitely keep in mind. You have to realize that people are looking at your restaurant’s website to become familiar with your menu and what type of restaurant you are. Generally, people flock to restaurant websites in search of the menu, or to make reservations (an online reservation system is useful). Here are some tips when designing your website:

Target Audience

You need to know and understand your target audience—that means identifying who they are beforehand! Check the area around the restaurant to get an idea of potential clientele. After deciding upon what target audience you believe your customers might be, pick a theme for your website.


Simple and easy is the motto. If it takes more than a few steps, or more than a minute to figure out how to navigate the website, people will give up and leave the site because people are all about convenience. We urge you to be creative with your website, but also to include the typical about, home, and menu pages because people are familiar with those pages.


The color scheme is extremely important when designing a website. The four main colors used when designing a website are: brown, black, red, and white. The color red is typically used by fast food chains to signify urgency, while brown is used to signify tradition. And let’s be honest, pictures look great against a black background!

A restaurant website is critical for your restaurant and people are discouraged when they do a quick Google search and find nothing. Access to menus online can encourage people to come visit! Remember—your website is an extension of your brand and you want it to convey the right message to your consumers.

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