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Coronavirus Restaurant Tips

Has coronavirus impacted your restaurant? Unfortunately, it probably has and you now have to reduce your hours, close out dine-in to customers, and rely on takeout and delivery. Here are some tips to let your customers know you’re still open and the steps you’re taking to keep everyone healthy.

Social Media Statement

It’s important to let your customers know your exact hours and the options they have to be able to get your food. Ensure that your statement is clear and include your phone number, any online food ordering/delivery options, if your whole menu is available, and restaurant hours. It doesn’t hurt to highlight your plans for keeping your employees and your customers safe.

Optional Press Release

If you’re a chain restaurant, you should put out a press release detailing what your company is doing to counteract coronavirus. This press release should echo something similar to your social media statement and be used to expand upon what you said.

Social Media Engagement

If you’re a bakery or coffee shop, you should showcase your menu and pastry selection on your social media. Use Instagram stories to let people know your exact pastry selection and special beverages so customers feel they can confidently call you with their exact order. Make sure to monitor your social channels for questions and comments from customers and respond if you deem necessary.

It’s no secret that coronavirus will probably have some type of negative impact on your restaurant, but there are ways to precisely and positively communicate your restaurant’s position and relevant information to your customers.

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