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Consumers More Conscious About Food Waste

You might have left your meal in the Moffat oven just a little bit too long and turned your perfectly good meal into perfectly good bits of leather. You might have left your heads of lettuce for too long in the fridge, and it started to grow mold cultures. What you end up with is wasted food. Whatever the reason for food waste, it’s still food waste. And when you waste food, you’re also throwing away all the resources that went into growing that food, too.

People are becoming really aware of the resources that they’re spending on their food. And, fortunately, people are starting to take measures to make sure that not as much is being wasted. For example, there is a grocery store open in Boston which sells surplus food donated by grocery stores. There is a college which has taken out the trays.

It all comes back to the waste, though. How can you eliminate it? How can you remove some of the impact that food has on the planet and the environment? Look for that sustainability in the production when you’re choosing which foods that you want to eat. How about starting a composting program? Remember that while there are some things that are unavoidable, you can help.

Here’s an infographic which really outlines the amount of water which is spent for food.

food and water waste infographic from smithsonian

2015-11-19 00:00:00
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