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Consider a Robot Coupe Juicer for your Restaurant

Everybody’s juicing these days. And why not? There are some dynamite fruits and veggies to juice, and the combinations are absolutely endless. You might choose to have a little beet juice with your celery, or you might decide to get sweet and put in the apples with the carrots. If you’re opening a juice shop anywhere, you want to have a Robot Coupe Juicer in your shop.

Here are some combinations of ingredients that you use in your Robot Coupe Juicer if you want to join the juicing scene. We’re sure that some of the major players of the juicing scene in NYC have some permutations of these ingredients.

This first simple recipe is easy for you to make at home or in your restaurant. All it takes is a medium apple, 2 soft pears, and a half cup of cherries with the pits removed. Put it together and you have a healthy one that’s hitting on all fronts. (juice recipe from

Put together your antioxidants, and you have blueberries, strawberries, and mango. These three, when put together, are an amazing super-harmonized juice extravaganza. This recipe is also from, and is listed as the antioxidant supreme.

Frankly, we love the simple ones that you can put together with items that are already found around your restaurant. It’s easy to take a few bananas and strawberries to serve them to your favorite customers. Cool smoothies for hot days and a Robot Coupe Juicer. What more could you ask?

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