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Condiment Jars Add Class that Squirt Bottles just don't have

The little touches in a restaurant can have the biggest effect in perception. A small change in plates or silverware can affect how your customers enjoy the experience. One change that’s great for adding a classy note to your meals is to use condiment jars and carriers.

Condiment jars are often seen in Indian restaurants. Dipping sauces like tamarind or cilantro are kept in these jars with a little spoon. Diners can use them on breads or stir in a few dollops into their curries. Keeping condiments in jars tableside looks a lot nicer than keeping them in squeeze bottles or making a new bowl for each customer. It also makes cleanup much easier.

Condiment jars come in glass, plastic, and stainless steel and a variety of sizes. Holders are designed for particular containers, so make sure the container you want will fit into your chosen holder before ordering. There are also specialized containers for sugar and liquids.

If you have a signature sauce, don’t put it in an unattractive squeeze bottle. Use a condiment jar instead for a classier look that your customers will appreciate. To see our selection, visit our catalog page at this link.

2015-05-06 00:00:00
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