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Company Launches to Help New Chefs with Paperwork

Before a chef can fire up their commercial stoves, there is a mound of paperwork to attend to. This is common from restaurants in Georgia to restaurants in California, and everywhere in between. One company is doing its best to help manage the paperwork that must be kept for each employee and action.

Better Chains was created by a restaurant owner for restaurant owners. It’s intended to help manage the inevitable paperwork associated with the restaurant industry. “We have a lot of turnover on staff. We have to keep hundreds of pages on each employee.” Well, you’ve got support.

It’s a common sentiment that most restaurant owners want to simply run their restaurants, not deal with the paperwork that’s associated with it. The same can be said for any craftsman, from accountants to doctors. Better Chains seeks to help those who want to make a better chain restaurant – to aid in the jump between going from one restaurant to several.

Possible restaurant owners glamorize having a restaurant because they see the Gordon Ramsays of the world. That’s great, but they don’t see what really goes on behind the scenes. Managing that paperwork has to be done by somebody, not just competitors in a televised contest.

2016-03-10 00:00:00
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