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Commercial Vollrath Meat Slicers

Commercial Vollrath Meat Slicers

Vollrath meat slicers are designed for commercial kitchens and food service establishments that require consistent, precise slicing of meats. The robust construction of Vollrath slicers meets the high demands of restaurants, delis, and butcher shops. Their meat slicers come with various features including adjustable slice thickness, safety guards, and high-performance blades that make them an essential piece of equipment. Using these slicers, chefs can ensure uniformity in slice size which is crucial for presentation and cooking consistency. These products are not only durable but also designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, which is essential in commercial settings to meet health and safety standards. Vollrath's slicers are available in different sizes and horsepower to match the volume of food being processed and the space constraints of the kitchen.

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Features of Vollrath Commercial Meat Slicers

Vollrath commercial meat slicers are equipped with features that enhance their utility in professional kitchens. They boast powerful motors for continuous slicing, precision control for slice thickness, and are constructed with heavy-duty materials that withstand rigorous daily use. Additionally, safety features such as non-slip feet, blade guards, and automatic shut-off functions are standard, ensuring the safety of kitchen staff. The slicers' design often includes easily removable parts which simplify the cleaning process, a critical factor in maintaining food safety and hygiene standards in any food service environment.

Types of Vollrath Meat Slicers

  • Manual Meat Slicers:

    Manual slicers are operated by hand, providing the user with full control over the slicing process. They are ideal for low-volume establishments.

  • Automatic Meat Slicers:

    These slicers are suitable for high-volume environments, reducing labor by automating the slicing process with adjustable speed settings.

  • Heavy-duty Meat Slicers:

    Constructed for the toughest jobs, heavy-duty slicers are capable of handling large volumes of meat, including frozen varieties.

Commercial Vollrath Meat Grinders

Vollrath meat grinders are vital for businesses that require ground meat for burgers, sausages, and other dishes. These grinders are designed for efficiency and durability with powerful motors and easy-to-clean stainless-steel components. Vollrath offers various grinder models to accommodate different production levels, from small batches to large quantities needed in commercial operations. With features such as multiple grinding plate options, reverse functions to clear jams, and attachments for sausage making, Vollrath grinders offer versatility and convenience. They streamline the process of grinding, ensuring that the meat's quality is maintained from start to finish.

Features of Vollrath Commercial Meat Grinders

The commercial meat grinders from Vollrath are designed with features to handle a variety of meat grinding tasks with efficiency. These include powerful grinding capabilities, forward and reverse operation to prevent clogging, and a range of grinding plates for different textures. The grinders also often come with a sausage stuffing attachment, adding versatility to their function. Durability is a given, with stainless steel construction ensuring long-term use and compliance with food safety standards. Vollrath's attention to detail means these grinders are not only high-performing but also easy to disassemble and clean, an invaluable feature in the commercial food industry.

Types of Vollrath Meat Grinders

  • Countertop Meat Grinders:

    These compact models are perfect for establishments with limited space but still require the power for occasional grinding.

  • Commercial Grade Meat Grinders:

    Made for daily, heavy use, these grinders can handle large quantities of meat quickly and efficiently.

Accessory Add-Ons for Vollrath Meat Processing Equipment

  • Grinding Plates:

    Various sizes of grinding plates allow for different coarseness of ground meat, suitable for various recipes and preparations.

  • Sausage Stuffers:

    These attachments transform meat grinders into sausage making machines, offering additional menu options for restaurants.

  • Maintenance Kits:

    Regular maintenance is simplified with kits that include everything needed to keep slicers and grinders in top condition.

Values Added by Accessory Add-Ons

Accessory add-ons for Vollrath meat slicers and grinders offer increased functionality, customization, and maintenance efficiency. Grinding plates of various sizes enable the production of ground meat suited for everything from fine pastes to chunky burger patties. Sausage stuffers expand the range of products a kitchen can offer, enabling the creation of custom sausage blends that can become a signature menu item. Maintenance kits ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and safely, reducing downtime and prolonging the life of the investment. These add-ons not only enhance the capabilities of the meat processing equipment but also contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of a commercial kitchen.

Top Vollrath Meat Slicers & Grinders Products

When searching for top Vollrath meat slicers and grinders, it's crucial to consider durability, power, safety features, and ease of cleaning. Vollrath's high-quality commercial kitchen equipment is designed to withstand the demanding environment of professional kitchens. Meat slicers are perfect for delicatessens, butcher shops, and restaurants that require precise slicing of meats and cheeses. Grinders, on the other hand, are ideal for establishments that want to ground their meat for recipes or sausage making. Both slicers and grinders by Vollrath offer efficiency and consistency in food preparation, ensuring a uniform product for customers. Enhanced safety features are also significant, as they minimize the risk of accidents during operation. Furthermore, easy-to-clean designs prevent cross-contamination and maintain hygienic standards, which are paramount in commercial food service.

  • Vollrath 40952 12" Heavy Duty Automatic Slicer

    The Vollrath 40952 12" Heavy Duty Automatic Slicer boasts a robust construction and an automatic slicing operation, which makes it perfect for busy delis and restaurants. Its precision thickness control ensures uniform slices every time, and the built-in sharpener keeps the blade at peak performance.

    Vollrath Meat Slicers at
  • Vollrath 40743 #12 Meat Grinder

    The Vollrath 40743 #12 Meat Grinder is a powerful and reliable solution for grinding various types of meat. This model is designed for easy disassembly, ensuring thorough cleaning, and its compact design makes it an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen with limited space.

    Vollrath Meat Grinders at

Vollrath Meat Slicers & Grinders FAQ

Vollrath is a reputable company known for providing high-quality foodservice equipment, including meat slicers and grinders. These tools are essential in commercial kitchens for efficiently processing large quantities of meat. Meat slicers are designed to cut meats and other foods into uniform slices, whereas meat grinders are used to finely chop or mince meat. Both are pivotal for delis, restaurants, and catering services, ensuring precise cuts and consistent grinds which are critical for food texture and cooking times. Vollrath’s slicers and grinders are appreciated for their durability, ease of cleaning, safety features, and their ability to maintain sharpness over time, thereby enhancing kitchen efficiency.

What are the main safety features of Vollrath meat slicers?

Vollrath meat slicers are equipped with several safety features to protect users during operation. These include non-slip feet for stable operation, safety guards to keep the user's hands away from the blade, and a locking mechanism to secure the slicer when not in use. Moreover, some models have a zero-exposure blade holder to prevent accidental contact when the slicer is off.

How does a Vollrath meat grinder enhance food preparation in a commercial setting?

A Vollrath meat grinder enhances commercial food preparation by providing a consistent grind, which is crucial for the texture and flavor of ground meat dishes. It allows for efficient processing of large volumes of meat, saving time and labor costs. Additionally, having a grinder in-house gives chefs control over the fat content and quality of the meat, leading to superior end products.

Can Vollrath meat slicers handle slicing other types of food?

Yes, Vollrath meat slicers are versatile and can handle a variety of foods beyond meat. They can slice vegetables, cheeses, and bread, making them a multi-purpose tool in the kitchen. The precise thickness control allows for consistent slices of a wide range of products, essential for presentation and cooking uniformity.

What is the maintenance routine for a Vollrath meat grinder?

Maintenance of a Vollrath meat grinder involves daily cleaning to prevent contamination and ensure longevity. Components such as the grinding plate, blade, and feeding tube should be dismantled and cleaned separately. Regular lubrication of moving parts and periodic sharpening of the blades are also recommended to keep the grinder in optimal condition.

Are there different types of blades available for Vollrath meat slicers?

Vollrath meat slicers can be fitted with various types of blades depending on the application. Serrated blades are ideal for bread and tough meats, while smooth blades are perfect for deli-style slices. The blades are made from high-quality materials to maintain sharpness and are designed for easy swapping.

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