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Commercial Food Steamer

Cooking with steam is a healthy, quick, and efficient way to cook foods without drying them out. Steamers are often used to cook vegetables because it allows the vegetables to keep their natural colors, texture, and it doesn’t strip them of natural vitamins and minerals as other cooking methods might. You do not have to use oil or cooking spray with a steamer making it a healthy way to prepare foods.

Choosing the Right Steamer

Your menu and its needs will guide you in deciding what type of steamer to purchase. For example, deciding on a steamer size depends on how many servings you need to produce when making any single menu item.  Steamers range in size from small countertop sizes (perfect in your home kitchen) to floor steamers with multiple compartments.

Convection Steamer

Convection steamers cook foods at 212 degrees Fahrenheit without pressure. The steam transfers the heat and cooks the food. These steamers are generally less expensive and more popular than other types. Convection steamers are more versatile because they can reheat food, thaw food, steam food, and more.

Pressure Steamer

Because pressure builds steadily during the steaming process, food can be cooked up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure steamers are larger than most other steamers and can cook faster than most because of their size.

Microwave Steamers

Microwaves can double as steamers if you purchase a microwave with the capability. Microwave steamers can hold several pans of food at once and get the job done without the time-consuming task of draining water out of the equipment afterwards.

Use of a steamer in your commercial kitchen can make the flavors in your food pop and make your customers’ experiences better. Because steamers range in size, you can easily find one that fits in your kitchen and efficiently cooks food.

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