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Cold Facts About Ice

As we’ve discussed before, you don’t solely have to use plain ice for your drinks. Bartenders have come to perfect making drinks that not only play on the taste and appearance, but are crafted around the type of ice used.

In the past, ice was the least of a bartender’s concern and was paid no attention, but recently ice has become a huge part of modern bar tool kits and is essential in making a good tasting, aesthetically pleasing cocktail. Ice has become part of the showmanship for a bartender. It’s all about appearance and taste, and the type of ice you use will impact the outcome of your drink.

Some Facts:

  • Shape, size, and density do matter
  • Certain ice melts faster leading to a diluted drink
  • Many commercial ice machines can now make ice in the shape you choose
  • Small ice ball trays used for mixed drinks
  • Large ice cube trays used for premium liquor
  • Dry ice can add an aesthetically pleasing twist to your drinks

This information is not only great for your bartenders and employees to know, but for the modern customer because nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising for a bartender to ask you: “What kind of ice would you like in your drink?” Knowing the type of ice that is perfect for your drink makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience for you!

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