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Coffeeshop culture and the rise of the cold brew (plus tips on how to make it)


Millenial culture has shifted the demographic of the work force away from 9 to 5 and towards a freelance work force. We've blogged about this before - as well as the trend toward more hyper local, artisanal products. Both of these trends collide in the rise of independent coffee shops, which provide small batch, high quality goods as well as an engaging work environment and meeting space for those who work on the go.

Cold brew is the drink of choice for the season in coffee shops. A method which produces an iced coffee superior to a drip brewed/iced down coffee, cold brew is simple to make and brings out flavor nuances which the coffee aficionados appreciate. Even if you don't have own a coffee shop, it's easy enough to bring cold brew to your own restaurant.

Cold brew removes the bitterness from the coffee (heat is the main culprit in bitter beans - particularly if the beans are well roasted). It's also easier to digest, and when using high quality beans, it really brings out the nuances and flavors of the roast. You can easily make cold brew - no special equipment needed. Just put cold, filtered water in a french press (you can make a bigger batch using a cheesecloth and large vat if desired), and refridgerate for 12-14 hours without straining. Then strain and serve over ice. Easy, cool, and a delicious low calorie summer treat!

2016-06-23 00:00:00
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