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Cocktail Tidbits

I’m sure you probably haven’t thought about how cocktails came into existence or why—all we care about is if it tastes great (that’s really all that matters), but there are some interesting facts behind the creation of cocktails! 

1)    What even is a cocktail? A cocktail is defined as any beverage with two or more ingredients, one of which is alcohol.

2)    Why do we make toasts? The Ancient Romans used to put a piece of toast into their drinks for good health and eventually, put toast into their friends’ drinks to signify good fortune. 

3)    The first cocktail shakers were shaped like penguins!

4)    The International Bartenders Association (IBA) has an “official” cocktail list:

5)    Cocktails were invented in America.

Cocktails have been around for hundreds of years and the list continuously grows as bartenders become more and more bold and creative when making their drinks. Bartenders have even slightly modified popular drinks that have endured the passage of time to make the drink unique to their own style.

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