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Cleaning Your Commercial Stove

Keeping your restaurant kitchen clean is imperative in keeping your restaurant up to health standards and codes. We’ve discussed how to keep other kitchen equipment clean in past blogs, but for this blog, we’re going to focus on cleaning your commercial stove!


  • Keep up With Cleaning

Clean up spills as soon as they happen – they’re inevitable! This will prevent foods and liquids from burning and becoming stuck to the stovetop.

  • Gas Stoves – Remove Burners

If you have a gas stove, remove the burner covers, drip trays, and knobs when cleaning it. Soak them in hot, soapy water to get rid of the grease.

  • Owner’s Manual

Use the owner’s manual to find out the type of cleaning products and utensils you should be using to clean your stove. 

  • Electric Stove

To clean an electric stove, you need to lift the burner plates and move the metal bowls underneath. You should soak the bowls and knobs in hot, soapy water.

  • Monthly

Once a month you should move the stovetop away from the wall and use a degreaser to clean the wall and back of the stove.

Keeping your stove clean is the only way to keep your restaurant running and thriving. Check out some of our commercial stoves here: and cleaning supplies here:!

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