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Cleaning Your Commercial Oven

Your restaurant kitchen’s oven is more than likely overused and if you neglect to clean your oven regularly, that can lead to the buildup of debris. Debris buildup can cause a decline in the quality of the food you're serving to guests and can cause kitchen fires. Below are some steps to help you properly clean your commercial oven.

Daily Cleanings

Make sure that you clean your oven at the end of every day. This helps you manage the buildup of debris and allows you to keep the oven doors open overnight to air out. For daily cleanings, you shouldn't have to use oven cleaner.

Remove Racks

Debris buildup also accumulates on the oven racks (especially if you put meats directly on the racks). To keep the racks clean, remove them and clean them separately in the sink using a mix of hot water and soap. 


Once the racks are removed from the oven, wipe down the interior and the doors of the oven with a damp towel. Make sure to pay attention to the areas around the fan because debris will cause the fan to run less efficiently.

Monthly Cleanings

Along with daily cleanings, monthly cleanings are a necessity. Deep cleaning the interior and exterior once a month is the best way to ensure that your oven will work at peak performance. Your oven’s owner’s manual will provide you with the best practices and tips for cleaning your oven. 

Manage Spills

Manage spills as they occur, but make sure that the oven is cooled down before you take on the spills!

Cleaning an oven is not at the top of the list of favorite chores to do, but when you’re running a restaurant, it’s essential. If you're reading this article and find that your kitchen oven is dirty beyond repair, check out some of the ovens we have at

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