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Cleaning Your Commercial Dishwasher

We’re still on that cleaning kick! You absolutely have to clean your restaurant’s dishwasher because it doesn’t clean itself – just your dishes! All the debris and dirt that comes off your dishes gets stuck in your dishwasher and will sit there forever if you don’t clean it. Below are some tips for cleaning your commercial dishwasher:

Clean the Nozzles

The nozzles in dishwashers get clogged very easily, but good news, they’re easy to remove! Clogged nozzles will cause the water pressure to drop and make your dishwasher less efficient. Remove the nozzles after each cycle, unclog, and run under hot water.


You need to clean your dishwasher's walls, corners, and the doors. Food left behind isn’t always visible, so be sure to clean everything! Use a cloth or brush and rinse after you scrub everything down.

Tank Water

Commercial dishwashers get their water pumped in from a water tank, and that water will get dirtier every time you put dirty dishes in and run the dishwasher for a cycle. A best practice for your water tank involves changing the water in your tank after every cycle.


Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your dishwasher! You can run a putty knife along the sides of the dishwasher to get rid of any scum that has accumulated.

Leave Dishwasher Door Open

You should leave your dishwasher’s door open when it’s not in use – let it air dry! Leaving the door open allows for less humidity and lessens the buildup of scum because of the constant airflow.

Although dishwashers keep our dishware clean and keep our restaurant running efficiently, they don’t wash themselves. Make it a priority to clean your dishwasher and make it a weekly, if not daily, habit!

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