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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Delfield Refrigerator

No refrigerator, no restaurant. When properly maintained, the Delfield refrigerator that you’ve got will chill for many years.  Here is how you can make sure your system is in top shape.

Make Sure the Seals are Tight

The seals of your Delfield refrigerator are very important, as any tiny leakage can cost you energy and potentially get you a ding on the health inspection reports.  Look for any cracks or places where the seal is a little loose.

Clean The Outside

Cleaning the outside of your Delfield refrigerator might not be the first thing on your mind, but if you thoroughly clean the stainless steel surface with a light vinegar mixture you can keep it shiny and disinfect it. Vinegar is also good at getting rid of oily fingerprints on the handle.

Make sure to get handles, too

Don’t forget those handles! I know that you saw it on the health inspection reports that they were getting dinged a bit on the handles of their fridges.  If you make sure that there’s no gunk or grease on the handles, you’ll go much further in getting that perfect score.

Wipe Down the Coils Twice Yearly

If your coils are collecting dust, you’re not only going to make your Delfield refrigerator work a little harder but you’ll also find that your energy bills will go up just a bit.  Since energy usage is one of the biggest expenses in a kitchen, it’s always good to keep a handle on that. Plus, it’ll make your refrigerator last longer.

Check out your Fan Blades

After turning it off, make sure that the fan blades are cleaned off at least once a month.  You can use a moist towel to do this. Again, make sure the refrigerator is off!

Chill Out

Make sure that your temperatures are meeting the standard of 41 degrees or below, and that the materials in the fridge are properly labeled. Use a separate thermometer to ensure that your thermostat is working.

If you find anything really wrong with the refrigerator during this inspection process, it’s time to call a professional. No restaurant can survive long without a refrigerator. Until then, keep up your maintenance and cleaning.

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