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Clean Greens with Dynamic Salad Spinners

We love great salads here at Restaurant Supply, and believe that every great salad should have crisp, bacteria-free greens at its heart. Keeping those greens free from spoilage is of great priority in the kitchen. After all, the longer the salad lasts, the longer you can sell it. This is the reason that Dynamic Salad Spinners were invented.

Salad spinners are devices which separate the water from the lettuce leaves with centrifugal force. By spinning the greens around, you are removing the water from the surface, minimizing bacterial growth. Surprisingly enough, these salad spinners were invented in the 1800’s, but they weren’t popularized until the early 1970’s.

There are a few styles for modern salad spinners, including the crank, button, and electric.

Dynamic Salad Spinners come in either manual (crank) or electric. With the crank, you are able to control the speed which the salad is rotating inside, though the volume of salad is what you’d get with a larger, electric spinner.

The electric spinners, what most of the Dynamic Salad Spinners are, are used in kitchens throughout the country. They push the water off of the greens, making them just a bit safer from foodborne illnesses.

There are plenty of models of salad spinner from which to choose. It depends on the volume of salad that you want to spin.

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