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Choosing the Right Rice

Commercial rice cookers aren’t just for Asian buffets.  You can find Latin American, Middle Eastern, and African dishes that have rice as part of the menu. In fact, there are about 40,000 different types of rice!

Not only are there different types of rice, but there are different types of rice cookers. Knowing which one to select begins with with your rice choice.

Let’s take a look at some of the main types of rice that you can find for your restaurant.

Brown Rice

In brown rice, you will find that only the hull of the grain has been removed.  Brown rice is chewy and is somewhat reminiscent of eating chick peas.  Brown rice is great for getting essential vitamins and minerals.

Parboiled Rice

Before milling the ‘raw’ rice, the rice is steamed so that each grain is firmer and separate.  It’s great for those who love to have fluffy rice instead of the sticky rice that’s on the market.  It’s very useful for Hispanic dishes.

White Rice

White rice is rough rice which has been milled until only the inner while part can be seen.  This removes all of the nutrients and the other good parts from the rice, leaving something which is waiting for your flavors to be added to it.

When you think about cooking rice, you can cook it in a pot, or if you choose, you can cook it in a commercial rice cooker.  The rice cooker is able to cook the rice perfectly every time.  Here is a small guide which may help you choose a commercial rice cooker.

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