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Choosing A Stock Pot

Stock pots are an essential for nearly any commercial kitchen. They’re used for far more than making stock.  Stock pots are designed to get even heat across the bottom, are large enough to handle a full chicken, and versatile enough to cook a whole mess of vegetables.

When choosing a stock pot, it’s necessary to make sure that the pot is the right size to handle your needs.  The pots are measured in quarts, so determine how much you want to cook on any given day, and go to town.

For a good inexpensive stock pot, we prefer using the stainless steel ones. They are heavy enough to get the even heat on the bottom, but are not as heavy as some of the other varieties. They’re also easier to clean than other metals.

What can you cook in stock pots?

Pull out the stock pot whenever you have something that needs to cook a long time or that you’re want to cook in bulk.  They’re great for large servings of chicken stock, steaming lobsters, beef stock, stews and more.  If you’re needing a pot that will cook slowly and evenly, this is your pot.

We know that you’re itching to try out your famous soup in a huge stock pot, but if you’re needing some inspiration for what to cook in your stock pot, here are some recipes.

CrockPot Black Bean Soup from Yummly

Chicken Stock Recipe from Alton Brown at Food Network

Pho Rice Noodle Soup from Epicurious

If you’ve got something that needs to be slow cooked like baked beans, tear apart beef, delicious stew, or spaghetti sauce, there’s a stock pot for it.

Here are some of the places that make the best soup in the country, according to USA Today.

Urbanbelly, Chicago, IL

The Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland, OH

Canter’s Deli, Los Angeles, CA

Tornado Club Steakhouse, Madison, WI

The Bon Ton Café, New Orleans, LA

Stock pots are at the heart of many great kitchens. It’s an essential component. We’d love to hear about some of your stock pot recipes.

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