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Choosing a Pizza Oven

We’re getting another pizza franchise on the corner, but it would be really nice to see something locally owned and operated rule the roost.  Perhaps the thought of choosing the right oven is keeping them from making the leap? If you’re planning on building a pizza restaurant, one of the biggest investments that you’ll make (outside of choosing the restaurant location) will be the pizza oven.

Types of pizza ovens

Pizza Deck Ovens

A pizza deck oven applies heat to a ceramic or stone deck that is specifically designed for cooking pizzas.  The heating elements heat the shelves, giving the pizzas an authentic flavor without the hassle of using a wood-burning stove.  Many local pizzerias use this type of oven.

Pizza Convection Ovens

A convection oven uses fans to evenly distribute the heat within the oven’s chamber.  A pizza convection oven’s chamber is custom made for pizzas, though other things can be cooked within the oven’s walls.  Not only is the cooking time reduced around 25%, but the cooking temperature is reduced, slightly lowering costs for your shop.

Wood Burning Ovens

When the wood is fired up and the oven is heated, you can make authentic pizzas all day and all night.  Many gourmet pizza chefs swear by the wood burners, though, claiming that absolutely nothing else will work. Pizza cooks really fast in a wood oven; it only takes a few minutes to create your culinary masterpiece.  However, cooking with a wood burning oven is a craft all its own.

Conveyor Ovens

In one side and out the other!  The conveyor oven is slower than other ovens, but it does work very well for some of the smaller pizza operations since pizzas can be queued up.  This type of oven is very versatile for any sort of flatbread toasting. We like them because we’re able to get crispier cooked toppings.

The right pizza oven can set the tone of your new restaurant.  If you’re fond of the old-school, you might choose a wood burning oven.  Maybe you’re planning on having a large-scale delivery business where you need a multi-tiered conveyor oven. Which oven is right for you?

Thanks go to Brett Jordan on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of his picture.

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