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Choosing a CMA Dishmachines Commercial Dishwasher

What do you want in a dishwasher? For a lot of restaurant managers, the choice in dishware washing devices comes down to speed, size, and simplicity.


The speed of commercial dishwashers is measured in racks per hour or covers per hour. There are some machines that will wash over 60 racks an hour. This is a very fast speed for dishwashing. CMA Dishmachines has a few models that can reach this level. At 60 racks an hour, this gives just enough time to put a rack in, close the door, and get another rack ready for loading.

However, slower speeds and longer wash cycles may be appropriate for wares that are especially dirty or difficult to clean. Your dishwasher dealer should be able to look at your dishes and estimate the speed that’s best for your needs.


Most upright dishwashers have a fairly similar footprint.  They have enough space to put a rack inside. However, heights can vary greatly depending on add-ons. Most dishwashers have adjustable feet to align the washer openings with the level of your sink.

There are also more discreet dishwashers for bars. A few CMA Dishmachines models are designed to fit under counters for ‘on the fly’ dishwashing.  If you’ve got a steady stream of glass racks, a model like this may be worth considering to save time.


Most dishwashers are simple devices, but any interruption in dishwashing could lead to a costly delay. Find out how often the machine needs maintenance. Is the soap poured into the device or pumped straight out of the bottle? How difficult is it to clean out the machine at night? The simpler the washer, the faster your dishes can get done.

When you’re searching for the best dishwashers, keep in mind the three S’s – simplicity, size, and speed.  We’ve got over 50 models of dishwasher from which to choose here at Restaurant Supply, including CMA Dishmachine models.

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