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How to Choose a Rotisserie Oven

Choosing the right commercial convection rotisserie oven is imperative for restaurant operations. Those chickens won’t cook to perfection on their own. When you need to cook four, 10, or even 24 birds at once, you need the firepower, the size, and the space to do it right.


With convection rotisserie ovens, you have a choice over whether you want to have a floor model or a countertop model. Countertop models take up less space overall, but could take up valuable counter room. Countertop models usually have a limit on their capacity (the largest countertop we found cooks up to 12 chickens). Floor models can cook many more.


How many birds do you need to cook at a time? Only you can answer that, but the answer will help you decide how big of an oven you need. You’ll need an oven that can cook enough birds fast enough to keep your customers happy and full.

Cleaning Features

When you’re slow roasting, you’re going to wind up with a lot of juices. You’ll need to be able to keep the dripping tray and other components clean inside. Get an oven that has features to help you get that bird juice all cleaned up for the next load of chickens.


Are the controls for your rotisserie convection oven easy, or do you feel like you have to have an advanced degree in order to run it?  We understand that part of your job as manager is training – is the training for your current rotisserie oven more complicated than it needs to be? Many ovens now have programmable recipe controls. Just load the oven and hit one button and you’re done.


You might need to convert your convection rotisserie oven back into being a more traditional oven with racks. Some restaurants with limited space might want this. If you need this feature, does the oven you want let you do this without undue hassles?

When you choose the right rotisserie oven for your needs, it’s necessary to pick the best oven for years to come. Browse our selection of ovens at Restaurant Supply and see if we have one that you’ll want for you restaurant.

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