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Choir Students Take Trip to Medieval Times

medieval We love reading about restaurants that are doing well in their area, restaurants that teach underlying principles of good to the youth of today. Sometimes those lessons are more easily taught with the old ways in mind. Recently, a group of Elementary school choir students in Illinois went to the Medieval Times restaurant.

Along with the normal show, the performers talked about some of the values and qualities that they should cultivate. “They talked about how students should be virtuous, work hard, and be honest. It was very engaging and very refreshing to hear them discuss those topics. They talked about how to be the very students they could be,” says the students’ teacher.

While these knights spend most of their time battling each other for show and spirit, there are still lessons to be learned. This goes far beyond the charbroilers and commercial blenders which might be in the back. There is the code of chivalry, one which teaches compassion, forgiveness, and justice to fight issues that are seen in school.

When the students made their way back to the classroom, the boys were very interested in talking about the battles and what they’d learned. The girls, it’s reported, also learned some valuable lessons about what they could do to help their own values, ethics, and moral compass.

2016-03-11 00:00:00
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