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Chefs Fight Food Waste

A great chef is able to turn even the most unwanted and underused foods in the kitchen into masterpieces. They are able to fashion deserving creations, ones which can rise to the top of the food chain, just on the materials that they have. While they might not have ‘top of the line’ in their walk-in coolers, they can still make a difference.

The chefs at Sweetgreen wanted to take their commitment to sustainable food and reduction of food waste one step further. What they did was take a look at some of the items which weren’t getting the attention that they deserved as well as picking up items which would simply go to wasted. In other words, they “wanted to see what ingredients they (we) could recover back into the supply chain, and we reevaluated our ingredient prep.”

The chefs made a salad out of these underused parts which would simply get thrown away. “The goal was to raise consciousness, but more importantly, to draw attention to the potential of these unheralded ingredients.” Drawing attention to food waste is something that chefs from all around need to do, as food waste is a serious problem. Here’s a recent video from John Oliver on the subject.

So, before you toss it because it’s not as pretty, take a look at the food that you’re throwing away and see if there’s a healthier dish which can be made.

2015-08-07 00:00:00
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