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Cheesemelter or Salamander?

There are cheesemelters and then there are salamanders.  The first step that you have to take is to figure out which one of these two awesome kitchen tools that you’re after.

Cheesemelters are not Salamanders

While we would love to call the cheesemelter a salamander, there are a couple of big differences between the two.

  • Cheesemelters are finishing ovens whereas the salamander can be used as both a finishing oven and a cooking oven.
  • Cheesemelters have a lower heat than salamanders.  Because they’re being used as a cooking oven and a finishing oven, the salamanders are able to pack quite a punch.
  • Cheesemelters often use different heating elements than salamanders.  Where the salamander might use infrared elements, a cheesemelter will quite frequently use a ceramic element.

Look to the purpose of your melter

Are you just going to be heating some cheese, or do you plan to really go out and do things which only the salamander can do.  Knowing the difference has the potential of saving you money.

How much space do you have?

The space that you have in your kitchen will ultimately make the determination over which type of machine that you get.  If you’re working in a very cramped environment and you only have room for one, you might want to go with something that is more versatile.

There are many places where you can scrimp and save in the kitchen, and one of those is with a cheesemelter or a salamander.  Either tool is invaluable for melting cheese over nachos and other items, as well as putting a little bubble in French onion soup.  Cheesemelter or Salamander?  You decide.

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