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Cheese and Bread Pairings for your Table from Hartford Baking Company

Cheese and wine pairings? That’s basic. We are more interested in providing the perfect artisanal bread for your cheese plate. Even though most of our breads involve only four ingredients - flour, water, salt, and yeast - that doesn’t mean you won’t have incredible varieties in textures and flavors - it’s all in the proof. So bring the noise to your next dinner party with simple, yet flawless execution which takes mere minutes for prep. Below are three of our favorite cheese board breads, with suggestions on how to use them. Tag us in your pictures and recipes on Instagram and Facebook and let us know what you think.

Miche + Caprese Salad

Our miche is a dense, nutty, sourdough with a hard crust and a soft, creamy texture. This bread is both large and heavy, so we sell it whole, by the half, or by the quarter, in order to accommodate any size dinner party. A simple summer Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes, sea salt, fresh basil, and olive and balsamic vinaigrette to finish will stand up to this bread’s heavy texture, with the acidic vinegar and tomato providing a pleasant counterbalance to the bread’s distinct and tangy flavor.

Baguette + Brie + Cherries

Packing a picnic? Why not keep it classic - a French baguette, a soft, ripe brie cheese, and some fresh cherries are all you need for a light, yet sophisticated, outdoor meal. Brie and baguette are old friends, and a touch of fruit balances out the flavors nicely. This is actually a riff on one of our most popular sandwiches - the brie and jam. So take the party outdoors this summer. All you need is a picnic basket, the bread, cheese and fruit, a bottle of wine, and some friends for a perfect evening.

Raisin Walnut + Soft Goat Cheese + Marcona Almonds + Honey

Entertaining is fun, but it can be tricky to time your food’s preparation for the arrival of your guests, especially with large parties and guests showing up at different times. The obvious solution is to put out some simple appetizers in order to create a fun and casual ambiance while still satisfying your guests. But instead of the usual offerings, consider our raisin and walnut bread with the perfect pairings of soft goat cheese, Marcona almonds, and honey. The combination of tangy cheese with sweet fruit and nuts works equally well as a post-dinner dessert cheese plate, and it’s a cinch to create, yet visually enticing and oh so satisfying. Make sure you leave the cheese out to ripen and come to room temperature when doing your prep, so the full flavor is apparent.

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