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Charity for Chinese New Year

Charity, compassion, and giving aren’t just for the other guys in the restaurant business. There doesn’t need to be a mandate to fill those True freezers and then empty them serving meals to the homeless and needy. That kind of generosity is something that everyone can do.

The year of the monkey is upon us, according to the Chinese New year. There is a global celebration to usher in the new year which started yesterday. People all over the world are dancing in the streets, enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating in their favorite things: food.

One restaurant group, the Chinese Restaurant Association in Phoenix, decided to give back to their own community. They know that generosity and giving come back to you. Several restaurant owners in the Phoenix area started to do what they do best: make lunch for homeless people.

In total, there were around 1,200 people who were served by the Chinese Restaurant Association to the folks who use the Central Arizona Shelter Services.

You don’t need a holiday to serve food to the homeless, though. There is nothing which says that you can’t give a little because it’s a Tuesday. So, do you have a full True freezer? See if there are opportunities in your area to give back.

2016-02-10 00:00:00
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